Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Craigslist Non-Profit Boot Camp

Why is it that the term "bootcamp" is being used for just about every workshop I've seen lately? It's definitely a meme in current circulation.

I'm in Berkeley, CA for a whirlwind day of networking with like-minded activists, non-profit administrators, technology people and generally amazing people doing great work to create social change, set up by the Craigslist Foundation.

I'm definitely on comfortable home turf here.

I'm mostly here because I serve on the board of the Santa Cruz Film Festival and we want to build our organzation. We're planning our own "bootcamp" for the Fest all about creating independent media and helping people tell their stories. It's also been great finding folks who are interested in the same kinds of social change mechanisms I am, like digital storytelling as a tool for creating understanding and breaking down walls, art as revolution and social networks for a more participatory democracy.

Here's some cool links I found today at the workshops. Their URL's are fairly self-explanatory. I visited them all and found them interesting. I'll write more later on some tips & tricks for non-profits.

Here's the WIKI for folks to post their notes from the day's events.

Smart Meme has useful worksheets on creating and sharing progessive stories
Community Change.org
CRM Tool for non-profits
Vtiger CRM/blog tool for non-profits
One Northwest.org
Radical Designs does tech apps/maps for non-profits
Aspiration Tech works with Radical Designs and did a great program on e-advocacy
cMarket does online auctions, but so does Shopsite, an inexpensive ecommerce program I have taught classes about and used for small business consulting.

A few others:

This guy Peter has a veggie bus that he shuttles people around in and will soon be a "pop", as he informed me that he and his wife were seven months pregnant. (he offered this up when I told him I worked for a "mom-n-pop")

Social Marketing Blog
Social Marketing Ideas for non-profits
Net Squared, a Tech Soup project, "remixes the Web for Social Change"

Wow. People are doing some amazing things in the world. Sunday at Solfest proved equally inspiring.

Time to get out and do something to create change. Anything.

Next post: what I am inspired to do...big and small.



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