Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Courage, dear one

Mark Twain has said, "Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of it."

I've never seemed to lack courage to help other people. Issues, causes, people. It was easy to see that action needed to be taken and be an advocate for something I believed in.

But making changes in my own life has taken me much greater courage. We all get too comfortable sometimes and stop growing. I've been looking back at all the things I have overcome in my life and how much I've grown. I took some risks, allowed myself to be very vulnerable and in the process, I gained greater courage. I am still afraid of change at times. I still fear what I do not know. I sometimes worry about what will be.

Every day I remind myself to let go and let the Universe run the show. I have so much more to learn. Ongoing. For eternity. But I walk with courage, my head held high. I'm looking forward to opportunities to grow. These days, the light at the end of the tunnel has begun to shine with great brillance.

One reason I'm blogging about this is I have met many people of courage in the past two girlfriends who are moms, juggling identity, ego, lack of sleep, love and dad following his dream, the activists I've met who are fighting for change here and all over the world. I'm modeling my moments after their good examples and find myself inspired by their life stories as they unfold before us.

Confession: The real reason I haven't blogged for over a week is that I discovered It's amazing site where you can tell your digital stories and share them with friends. Easier than blogging, but similiar, you can add photos, video, tell your stories easily with timelines and private groups for friends, family or special projects. I'm going to set up one for my girlfriends and family to share more than they can in my blog comments or in email or elsewhere online. In the meantime, my stories there are public and you can check them out and post your own stories!

Very cool tool. Speaking of cool tools. Here's our new marketing campaign. It's been very fun to work on. It's still in teaser-mode, but we launch phase two of the campaign on Oct. 4th and tell you just who the "tweegles" are!



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you write beautifully and its wonderful that you are able to find courage within yourself, everyday


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