Sunday, July 30, 2006

California on Fire

It's Sunday evening and we have had a 15-hour drive today from the Columbia River Gorge in southern Washington to San Francisco. As we drove past Mt. Shasta, thick smoke filled the air. Apparently, fires are raging all over northen CA near the Oregon border.

It's just good to be heading home, smoky mountains and all.

The Adventure Bluegrass Festival was great...a weekend in a beautiful place, time to ride a bike, hang out and catch up with Tim and Jill and Riley, swim at the same spot a few times, pick blackberries, listen to folks play traditional music at their camps, hear some great live bluegrass on stage, get solid interviews and dance my butt off during the last set of this little tour. Very good show. Late night swimming in the river, hot tubbing and early morning music...a peaceful and restful ending to the trip here.

With Tim, Jill and Riley this weekend. Riley (age four) said the funniest thing. As I was pulling him around in his wagon, he asked where my "van" was (his parents have a VW van). When I told him I was staying in the bus where the band lives, he said, "So, you get to have a sleepover everynight with the band?" Then, he referred to me as "Kathy, she sleeps with the band." So cute, while completely inaccurate, of course!

Below: McCall, Idaho, taking a dip in the lake with Erik and Nat. I love swimming in rivers and lakes. I tried to do so every day of the this trip, but I only made seven of nine days! :-) Some were cold, others just right. All were refeshing and good for my soul, especially with the view of the mountains right before me.

And, back in Montana, a pretty shot of Gallatin Canyon, where I spent four wonderful days with Margot, Bill and Baby T.

And here's me with my dear friend, David, who I hadn't seen for seven years. He and I arranged a rendez-vous on the 84 near the Idaho-Oregon border. He was headed to the Northern Cascades for a backpacking trip. At 3 am on Friday am, we drove together for an hour, then crashed out a truck stop. At seven am, the next driver, Aaron, got up and I spent another 100 miles with David. Not enough time, for certain. Nonetheless, it's the connection that we have that brought us together again. He's inspiring to me and is such a good friend. I'm glad we're back in one another's lives. Again.

This journey has been a reflective one for me. Building upon the themes in my "transits of Saturn" entry, I'm feeling my limitations, redefining my friendships, considering my purpose and goals for the next years and how I want to spend my energy, especially those of special projects, like HBR, SCFF and grad school.

There's so much I want to do, and I am fortunate to have a lot of inherent energy. But I have such limited time and energy to really focus and get good at the things I need to complete and master. I need to continue to learn to go inward more.

Right now, I'm tired, it's been a long trip, and there's still some work to do here on the bus during the six more hours left with the band. Tomorrow, it's back to Santa Cruz and my life as I know it.



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