Sunday, July 16, 2006

B-side: Transiting Saturn in my First House

Weekend pictures and then, Astrology....
Played tennis yesterday too. Perfect for a spaz like me. If we only had Kramer to be our ballboy!

I love the B-Side Players. I've been a fan since I first saw them, probably sometime around 1996? At the old Palookaville in Santa Cruz. Afro-Cuban-Salsa-Cumbia-Reggae meets San Diego-Tijuana hip hop with an amazing horn and percussion section and a sassy lead singer, Carlos. For some reason, until about a year and a half ago, I hadn't seen them for nearly eight years. But I've returned to seeing them at every local show since.

Elan opened for them--very Damian Marley sounding--reggae with a little dancehall/hip-hop mixed in. Loved it.

Maureen, Kathleen, Lisa, Kathy and Jennet!

B-Side Players in Action (7.15.06 at Moe's Alley, Santa Cruz, CA)

Carlos playing trumpet.

Will from a favorite local Brazilian band, Sambada is on the drums at the far right behind B-Sider's.

Astrology is an on-and-off passion of mine. I'm an amateur, but I do study it.

I discovered it in college while learning about psychology as part of my poli-sci/social-sci major. That may seem like an odd path to the sacred geometry. But I read a lot of Freud and Jung, both of whom were avid astrologers and brought the use of astrology's archetypes into their psychological research, academic theories and into individual treatments.

Hence, my stumbling across it. I can't help but be fascinated about people. Why they do things. Why I do...well, anything. As certain as it is a life-long process to interpret the latter, I subsequently also swim in the frequently murky soup of attempting to understand humankind.

I've been studying transits lately. Having experiencing a few major ones myself at the moment. (I felt them, then decided to look up what's going on.

Saturn is in my first house, my ascendent Leo lives there at 29 degrees (which means I express my Gemini sun self as a Leo with some major Virgo influences). I credit my interest in systems and computers to Virgo, predilection to communication from Gemini and the outwardliness of my self-expression (as witnessed in this blog) to Leo. All three have impacted my life with their deep dark shadows as much as their occasional radiant brillance.

During a Saturn transit, we all are working on our discipline, experiencing the hand of authority and feeling our limitations in certain areas. (btw, you're going through one too...right now. Saturn is in Leo, from July of 2005 through September 2007. So Saturn is having an impact on the matters of the house ruled by Leo in your natal chart--based on where it was when you were born.

See to figure that out. Plug in where/when you were born for a free natal chart.)

Mine happens to make it painful just to show up sometimes. I do it, but I'm constructing a new and better way to deal. Far beyond grinning and bearing it, I'm learning how to not take things personally, let go and just move on. Life's inherent trials just *are*. With or without my impact. I have absolutely nothing to do with it, good, bad, ugly. Sometimes life just happens even when I do my best to affect the outcome of it all.

So, I learn, I grow, I take a few steps backward to take three forward. Change is happening and deeper, more solid inner structure is inevitable if I just go with it, keep doing the hard work and surrender to however my path will proceed next!

"Saturn has its reasons for forcing us to slow down and stop what we're doing." And, then the next step becomes more clear.

Algebra is clearly a construct under the authority of Saturn. Perhaps by next September, I will have at long last conquered that demon of discipline.

Off to my polynomial fractions...



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