Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rootin' in West Virgina

I'm at an airport bar in Cleveland, OH. I've spent some time here before.

Last November, Continental flew out of my gate ten minutes before their flight time and I watched my plane take off from the terminal. I should've made them give me a free ticket for that.

But instead, lucky me, I got to spend a night in Cleveland at a Marriot next to the airport.

This time, I've fared much better. A great trip all around. A Dos Equis at my side and a full belly. Now I just have the second hour to wait for a connecting flight on to Minneapolis and then finally, to San Jose.

I'm looking forward to getting home, but it's been a great trip. I have numerous photos and video clips. This time I mostly just used my still camera for video because after using a 3CCD video cam, well, my old camera sucks.

Highlights on the path to reelin' in the deep rampy roots of my blood line...a play-by-play local tour by my Maine cousin Jim, UNDER the New River Gorge bridge, 851 feet of it....his gun collection, stories about snakes, seeing Mountain Stage's bluegrass and county at the Clay Center (see previous post for a short vlog), hearing my 90-year old grandmother and her sisters talk about old times and relatives, hearing about the Maine cousins too, getting a short road trip in with my dad and brother just before his 25th birthday, reading the Da Vinci Code, (finally) and shopping with my mom.

Oh, there's so much more, but this is the blog version. I guess this is more of an online journal than a blog. But, it works for me.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mountain Stage in WV

Watch the vlog

Del McCoury, Rob Thorn, and Diana Jones singing "Your cheatin' heart" together at the end of Mountain Stage's live radio performance at the Clay Center in Charleston, West Virginia. Just a short clip. -K

Sunday, April 16, 2006

My last day of the season in Tahoe snowboarding started and ended with beautiful lighting across the bay area's green hills. My heaven-on-earth version of celebrating Easter weekend, I suppose.

Dan and I drove up at 5am from Santa Cruz and tried out Northstar, a very corporate ski resort that reminded me of Aspen, CO. At least there was a great terrain park, where we played all afternoon following an icy morning higher up on the mountain. The snow was much better mid-mountain and the features in the snowboard park proved entertaining.

I've had a lot of "yee-ha's" this year, in the trees, in some of the deepest powder I've seen in years, and on some great day and weekend-long trips with different friends. A good winter for certain, and for having access to all of that, I am very grateful.

From the 80, we cruised into the City and met up with my friend, Jonathan and his friend, Julie at Cuba Caribe and saw a really good dance performance about Cuba. Inspiring. I'm considering going to Cuba Camp this summer, or possibly in Hawaii in December where you dance, drum and learn chants all weekend! I am going to sign up for a Latin Dance class here in late June. The next best thing to getting back to the island, but that too is a possibility. I need drumming, dancing and more varied music in my life. While I love bluegrass, there's so much more I love to dance to, drum to and chant to. Ultimately, I want to be part of the music, not just an observer or part of the crew.

An American who moved to Cuba spoke today about the history of Cuban music. Great video clips of old and current musicians--I wish we could see and share the stuff he showed from Cuba; there's some incredible videography and music happening there right now. The rest of the world gets to check it out and we don't. So much for that bs about freedom and democracy here.

Off to visit family back east this Thursday! Pictures and new genealogy discoverys are sure to follow.