Monday, January 30, 2006

Pow Pow Boom Boom

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Snowboarding video from 2003

I had to move this off my server since I was getting so many hits. So, check it out here instead!


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Snowboarding in the Sierra Nevadas

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Nothing too crazy here. But yesterday we drove up to Tahoe and BACK.

....which IS crazy, but so worth the nine hours of driving for six hours of snowboarding in optimal conditions.
Powder in the trees made me giddy and now,  so sore after my first day out on the mountain. But uplifted. Going again next weekend. Taking a party bus next time!


Monday, January 16, 2006

Firefly Tribute to Missy Baron

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Many fans of the Hot Buttered Rum String Band probably knew Missy Baron. She always had something fluffy on and a big-ass smile while she danced wildly at the front beaming up at the band

She passed away on Thursday in a car accident near Elko, Nevada en route to take care of her best friend's children. Her friend had recently died and Missy had decided to go support her extended family.
We'll miss you, Missy. Tonight we had a gathering to remember her. This is Evan, singing Hot Buttered Rum's song "Firefly" a favorite of Missy's.
rest in peace, friend. We love you. 


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Goodbye to Maureen

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My friend and fellow Gemini and "curly girl" just qualified for her Phd program! 

She's off to Latin America to study participatory democracy and figure out how we can ignite our own so-called participatory democracy here in the States
This vid is a (raw-video) tribute to her send-off party in Santa Cruz, CA last night... 
Salud y mucho suerte, Maureen!
We love you and will miss you. But you're doing great work!


Trusting the Process

Hi. It's been an interesting week with lots of issues coming up around friendships, video, music, love and trusting the process.

I'm trying to get that it's ok to be naturally attracted to certain kinds of friends, and not to others. I don't need to feel bad that I can't physically or emotional be connected or reach out to everyone. I can only do my best, which means taking care of myself, loving open-heartedly with the people I feel most connected to and not feel guilty about the rest.

All I can do is love, forgive, be compassionate of my own self first, then others and just let go of all my ridiculous expectations of thinking I know what purpose we each have in one another's lives. We never know what is meant to be for us or others. But it all has some higher purpose, I know that.

And, I make mistakes and so does everyone else. I am learning how to be human every day and I don't have to prove anything. I just am. It's ok to let go and just be present. Everything will be as it needs to be.

This came up for me because a beautiful member of our HBR community died on Thursday in a car accident. Missy Baron. It made me question how short life is and how much I treasure my friendships and family. I'll miss her presence at shows and in my life. Tonight we'll go to a wake of sorts for her. I felt bad that I didn't connect with her more deeply and it's making me look at all the relationships I have and how I want to commit more time to nurturing the friendships I have with people I really enjoy and love and care about. Life is short. I don't want to waste another minute.

So, this huge tree almost fell on our house Friday night. It was a crazy wind storm that seemed to come from nowhere and it didn't really last that long. I felt like the universe brought it on so we could deal with something right then.

We did everything we could think of to figure out how to prevent it from crashing down into our house. It was scary,thinking that while we were sleeping it could crash right into our bedroom and deck. But I just prayed. Not something I do enough of really. But I tried to just remind myself to trust the process. Whatever happened was what needed to happen. Whether to teach us something, force us to deal with something, or maybe just learning to trust our gut or the process of waiting for things to happen.

And despite that night's crazy rain and wind, the tree stayed perched precariously over our house, but did not fall. The tree guys came out on a Saturday and hustled like lumberjacks up the tree, cutting it in giant sections that thumped loudly when they fell to the ground. I was grateful for the timing. And, felt good that I had let go of my fear, let the universe take care of things and I just trusted the process.

Faith that things will be as they need to be and that I can handle it with help from the universe when it happens is a powerful thing.

And with MLK day right around the corner, I am grateful to his legacy as well. It brings me hope and faith that a few commited people can change the world.

I saw Reverend Lucius Walker on Thursday night---incredible speaker---and will try to post a little of his talk if it came out ok. We're editing it for a community tv show on the humanitarian aid taken by Pastors for Peace to Cuba to challenge the blockade against Cuba.

Want to go this summer to Cuba with them? Let's go!


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

First Vlog

I'm not really sure how the vlog cross-posting works, so I'll just link to my first vlog.
It's the FCC hearing from July of 2004 in Monterey. Still very relevant today for media reform, and a good vid to test with for the first vlog.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Macworld 2006

Wow. I am a geek. Maybe more of a dork.

But today was very much like Christmas at Macworld in San Francisco. Cool toys. Lots of questions asked by me. A zillion things I wish I could buy now. I want a solar-powered battery charger for my cell and walkie-talkies. Oh, and a new G5 for editing. Guess I'll hold out til the credit cards are paid off a little more and 'til they have Intel processors. Now that the laptops and minis have 'em, it won't be long....

Now I'm sold on blogs and vlogging. finally. It's taken me some years to mull it over while visiting a million sites by other people exposing their lives. My dad has done it for the past year after he got tired of waiting for me to edit his code and maintain his Web site. One of my million side projects.

I guess in some ways I like to have more control over my content, and I am a bit of a perfectionist. I've never wanted to post my stuff, and if I did I figured I know how to put files up myself and just use HTML.

So, why blog now, you're wondering.

Well, I plan to do some video blogging. Also I need to use blogging as a teaching tool to show families and folks new to Web design that they don't actually need HTML, much to my old-school-coder dismay. It's just that things are easier now, so why make it harder on myself or them?

Of course, I'll still code, I'm sure. But there's too much I want to do in life and document and share with others to not use these great tools.

I'm looking forward to posting some great video clips too, of my experiences, other people's stories and more serious video and writing explorations.

I look forward to sharing with whomever it is that reads these things. Which, I guess, would at least be me. :-)